IBM Connections Next – The Trailer

IBM Connections Next is coming, with the details being announced on May 21st.   I love this trailer that Luis Benitez put together ahead of the announcement.

Don’t forget to register for the May 21st Webcast

CloudGOO – combine all of your cloud storage into one drive

I installed CloudGOO on my Android phone today (they say an iOS version is in the works), I love the idea of showing all my cloud based files across different services as if they were all together on one big drive.  CloudGOO also supports automatic upload where you can specify which service to use, or let CloudGOO decide based on the space you have available.


Pley – The Netflix of LEGO

My friend Daniel tweeted this link to me this morning about Pley, the “Netflix of LEGO” where you can borrow and return LEGO sets.  My first reaction was “That is Brilliant”, my second reaction was “until I have to return a set and spend hours searching the house to figure out where the kids lost all the pieces”

Slides for SHOW304: How to Create a Perfect Profile: A Hitchiker’s Guide to A Smarter Workforce

Chris Whisonant and I had fun preparing and presenting this one together at IBM Connect 2014.  If you are using IBM Connections this should help you get even more out of Profiles

IBM Connect 2014 By the Numbers

Here is a quick look back at IBM Connect 2014 by the numbers


I felt like I did not take that many pictures this year, as I left the big camera behind most of the time and stuck with my phone, at the end of the week I somehow ended up with  2251 pictures between my phone and camera.

Here is my Flickr Collection for IBM Connect 2014


Everyone knows you walk, and walk, and walk at IBM Connect here were my Steps per day as tracked by my Fitbit One

Sunday – 18,428

Monday – 19,384

Tuesday – 24,298

Wednesday – 19,738

Thursday – 23,228

5 day Total – 105,076


When this slide was shown on screen at the Closing General Session more than one person remarked “and that was just Mitch”

It wasn’t all me, but I guess I did my fair share of tweeting with 459 tweets over five days

Sunday – 105

Monday – 141

Tuesday – 114

Wednesday – 34

Thursday – 65

Ice Cream

It was suggested to me that no numerical wrap up of IBM Connect would be complete with out a total on Ice Cream consumption.   I can’t put an exact total on it but I can tell you that Chris Whisonant and I (along with various others) visited Beaches and Cream for Ice Cream at least 5 times during IBM Connect.

Much to Chris’s disappointment we did not order the Kitchen Sink

The 2014 Lotusphere Closing Ceremony

Yes it is called IBM Connect now, and the Closing General Session wraps up around 4:30 in the afternoon, but the true closing session takes place many hours later when Mat Newman finally removes his badge (well has his badge removed).  The honor this year was given to Amanda Bauman.

The 2013 Lotusphere Closing Ceremony

Live Blog: IBM Connect 2014 Opening General Session

Thanks for joining me for Live Coverage of the IBM Connect OGS feel free to leave a comment on the post or in the live feed.  For a live stream of the event Click here.

Live Blogging at IBM Connect

I will be live blogging (or at least trying) once again from IBM Connect.   For now I plan on live blogging 2 sessions, though I might add more later on.

Monday January 27th 7:45 AM IBM Connect 2014 Opening General Session

Thursday January 30th 11:15 AM Ask the Product Managers

My full blogging and speaking schedule is available on my IBM Connect 2014 page, and visit the IBM Connect Livestream page for live coverage

Conference Calls in Real Life

via Mashable

Some useful Amazon S3 Tools

I find myself using Amazon S3 for storage more and more these days.  Yes I have a Dropbox account, and a Box account (and probably a Copy account too).   There are times that I need a little more space then I have available in Dropbox and among other things I have been using Amazon S3 to give my self a little extra space as needed.

What is Amazon S3 you ask this is a quick explanation

Here are some tools I have found useful working with my files in S3

Android: S3Anywhere Free and Pro versions available

Windows: Cloudberry Explorer for Amazon S3  Free and Pro versions available so far I have been using the free one and it is meeting my needs

iOS: AirFile Free and Pro versions available.  This one is interesting as it allows me to move files from S3 to Dropbox or the other way right from my iPad (it supports other Cloud storage services as well)

Are you using Amazon S3? If you have any good tools leave a comment.