Sametime CF1 is out

Sametime CF1 is out, I used the update site to push the updates down to my client, this is a feature I have been waiting to see work for a long time. Remember as Chris pointed out last week, not all of the SPR’s will be fixed via the update site. I have read through the client SPR and came up with four that will not work via update site, the other 30 Client SPR will work fine. SPR That will not push via update site. SPR# CBRN6ZC69J – When sametime is running, an icon is added to the dock. If you select to ‘Keep in dock’ so that you can start the client, it just opens a terminal window and fails to start Sametime. With the fix, the dock icon should start Sametime. This fix is not included in the 7.5.1 CF1 update site. To obtain the fix, Mac client users should perform a full install of the 7.5.1 CF1 client. SPR# CGRF726LTB – The presence of the flushws.dll limited the amount of memory Sametime could use to 40 MB. The memory limit had an adverse effect on the client’s performance. The fragment that includes flushws.dll has been removed. Note that only the full CF1 installer will contain this fix. The CF1 update site will not include this change. SPR# DSCR72BRDN – The Sametime Connect 7.5.1 client stores the Eclipse configuration in a configuration subdirectory under the directory where Sametime was installed. This configuration directory is used by Eclipse to store configuration information, and it also used by JCL Desktop to generate JXE files for our plug-ins. In some environments, the user does not have write access to the program directory. In this case, Sametime is unable to store Eclipse configuration information or generate JXE files during the initial launch. The user won’t generally notice these problems, because the product will still appear to operate normally, but it will impact startup performance and prevent Eclipse from saving information. For CF1, the configuration directory has been moved to the user’s home directory. This fix is only available from the full install for CF1. Users upgrading 7.5.1 using the CF1 update site will not get be impacted by this (the existing configuration directory will continue to be used). SPR# YLIN6QZ6MC – Starting in the 7.5.1 release, TCSPI implementers could provide custom error messages for telephony errors. In 7.5.1, these custom errors would be displayed in web conferences but not in the Sametime Connect client. In 7.5.1 CF1, Sametime Connect also displays these custom error messages.

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