Lotus Connections 1.0.1 Pilot Install

One of the new features in Lotus Connections 1.0.1 is the Pilot install, the idea is to have a single installer that handles DB2, Websphere, and Connections and allows you to experience Lotus Connections, without having to install and configure all of the individual components.   I downloaded and installed the Pilot system over the weekend, and it really was easy to complete.  Just to clarify, this is NOT a production ready system, if you want to run Connections in production you will need to learn to install and configure all of the various components, and scale them to your needs, what this is, is an excellent resource for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of Lotus Connections, or demo it to others in your organization.  The Part Number for the pilot install package is C10HDML, and it is 1.4GB. Before you start check the Lotus Connections Info Center, for the Pilot Install Overview.  A couple of things to consider before you begin.  First you can customize the users in the installation by creating a users.txt file, if you do this, you can create a few users, who can use their real names to log in, and have their correct e-mail addresses in the system.  If you do not customize your users, you will have a system with 20 users named test1, test2, etc……  If you want to create your own users file the instructions are here.  Make sure you copy the file up to the machine you are installing the pilot on before you begin the install.  Second, consider carefully if you think you might want to migrate your pilot install to a full production install.  There is a section on this topic under the administrating Connections section of the Info Center.  I personally would treat this as a pilot, I would not plan on putting data in here with the expectation of migrating it later, I think it will be one more thing to worry about when trying to build a production environment. Now on to the install itself, it truly was a simple as firing off the installer, and answering five questions.

  1. Select your language
  2. Path for the installation (default is c:program filesIBMLotusConnections, I removed the program files piece to keep things simpler)
  3. Set the ID & Password for WAS
  4. Set the ID & Password for DV2
  5. Select which Connections services to install (Activities, Blogs, Communities, Dogear, Profiles, you can as many of the services as you want installed) Once you are done sit back and wait for the install to finish.  Once completed you will be prompted for the users.txt file to populate your users in to the system. So as advertised, a one click install which will let be up and running with a Lotus Connections Sandbox in about an hour.
4 Responses to Lotus Connections 1.0.1 Pilot Install
  1. Ted Stanton
    September 3, 2007 | 9:13 pm

    I just wanted to make sure it is clear that IBM does support the pilot migration to production. The benefit of performing this migration is that artifacts created by users in the course of their evaluation of Lotus Connections can be transferred to a robust production environment.

  2. Chris Whisonant
    September 4, 2007 | 9:05 am

    Thanks for the info Mitch. The full production install should be this simple. There should be a few more options for each step (like location/user/pwd of DB2 and WAS servers) and then the install files copied and remotely installed on those servers. Domino has remote server installation mechanisms for various platforms. The Pilot Install is a great way to get off the ground.

    Ted – thanks for the information about a supported migration.

  3. Mitch Cohen
    September 4, 2007 | 10:44 am

    Ted -thanks, I was not trying to imply the migration was not supported, sorry if it came off that way. To put it a little more clearly, when you give people access to this stuff they are gonna love it, so be careful, if you are going to use a pilot install, and give people access to it for live data, read the section on migrating pilot to production before you start, to make sure you proceed in a way that will let you migrate when ready.

  4. Thomas
    May 22, 2008 | 12:40 am

    We are trying to install LC using Pilot version of Lotus Connection 1.0.1.

    We are not able to proceed because of the db2 error in DB2 9.1. The error code is “CLFRP309E” with the message An error occurred while installing IBM DB2 Express Edition fixpack1. For additional information, refer to the log file C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\local settings\Temp\2\lcinstalllog.txt.”

    We followed the below steps before installation
    1. Open the registry editor by opening a command prompt and entering the following command:

    2. Browse to the following key:


    3. Right-click the directory background, and then select New > DWORD Value from the menu.
    4. Name it DisableMsi , and set its value to zero.
    5. Close the registry editor

    When the error occurred. we tried the following

    1. Give longer password for db2 but it is not accepting.
    2.Removed db2 folders and cleared registrywhich had db2 instances and re installed.

    Still this error is coming .

    We are not able to proceed.

    It will be great if any one can give suggestions on the same so that we can proceed with installation or if there is any work around.