Sametime 8 Mobile on Blackberry

I have been running Sametime 8 on my Blackberry for a few weeks, now that it has shipped I can share some screenshots.  The look and feel is all upgraded to the new Sametime 8 look, so the green icon is gone, and the login screen is upgraded. A picture named M2 A picture named M3 I also can now add external contacts as well (this might have been in 7.5.1CF1 I don’t remember) but until now I was able to use external contacts that I added in my client, but not add new ones while mobile. A picture named M4 Overall this is a nice mobile client, I find myself using it all the time now.  The only thing I wish is that I could log in to my Blackberry and my desktop at the same time.  AOL and Google do a great job with that if I stay logged in on my Blackberry and Desktop I only get the IM’s on my Blackberry when my desktop goes in to away status.  The Sametime 8 server will still not support this, I hope this is high on the to do list for the next version. A picture named M5

4 Responses to Sametime 8 Mobile on Blackberry
  1. Dvir Reznik
    December 15, 2007 | 8:16 am

    Hi Mitch,

    Looks great! I particularly like the external gateway to public IMs. Does ST 8 also supports Symbian OS, such as in Nokia N95 (S60, rel 3.1)? Where can I download it from (internal or external)?
    I have Sametime Mobile 7.5 installed, but experiencing some connectivity problems..
    I’m running it over Lotus Mobility Client for the VPN connection.

    Maybe we can continue this offline?

    Thanks, Dvir.

  2. Stefan
    December 1, 2008 | 10:48 am

    Hi Mitch,

    nice Blog 🙂
    Have you an BES in your environment or is it possible to use it without a additional BB Server?
    I’ve a ST 8.0.1 Server and the ST 8.0.1 Connect Client on my BB but I get no connection to my Sametime Server.
    How can I activate it?

    kind regards

  3. Bertram
    January 8, 2009 | 3:49 am

    Hi Stefan,

    you don’t need a BES for using the BB mobile client. If your ST server can be accesses from the internet, then it’s possible to connect to it. Check the servername and the port number in the configuration of your desktop.


  4. Sachin
    January 12, 2009 | 9:24 am

    Nice shots.

    Can you share the ST 8 mobile client for BB platform?