Lotusphere Closing Session

Wow…. just like that Lotusphere is over.  This is the fourth Lotusphere I have attended, but the first time I ever attended the closing session.   I never watch the Food Network, and had not heard of Alton Brown he was very entertaining.   Lotusphere next year is January 18-22, and IBM announced that they are now committed to holding Lotusphere at the current location through 2015. It will take me a little time to organize my thoughts and put together a Lotusphere wrap up post, which will probably not happen until the weekend.  I knew going in to this week that I had set myself up for a very busy week, but I don’t think I realized just how thin I had spread myself, I really thought I would have blogged more content from Lotusphere, there just turned out to be no time. So now off to find something to do in Orlando this evening, and an early flight home tomorrow

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