Lotusphere Day 1 – Jumpstart day

Incredible first day of Lotusphere.  Started the day with three Jumpstart sessions. First up was JMP403 QuickStart: IBM Lotus Quickr in Action, quite a bit of the session was focused on Quickr 8.1 and it looks good, will cover all the details as they are announced at the Opening General Session tomorrow. Next was JMP206 Web Services Bootcamp presented by Bill Buchan, while I am not a developer this was an excellent session showing capabilities in Domino for web services, differences between versions, and best (and worst) practices to look out for.  Bill was even offering up donuts from the podium. After lunch was JMP401 QuickStart: Warp 9 — Getting Up to Speed on Social Software and IBM Lotus Connections, this session had something for everyone, if you are new to Lotus Connections there was an overview of what is Lotus Connections,  the components and architecture.  The second half of the session was on best practices for adoption of Lotus Connections in the enterprise. After a quick break it was off to a reception for Notes/Domino 8 design partners, and then off to the beach for the welcome reception and of course to watch the Giants game.  It was cold out on the beach (well not anywhere near as cold a Green Bay).  Great party, and then we went back to the Yacht Club to watch the second half in the warmth of the bar.  John and I did meet up in the end at the same time and place as last year so we are now 2 for 2 with his Bears going to the Super Bowl last year, and the Giants going this year.  One other note, apparently the folks at Lotus put out a lot more TV’s on the beach when the Patriots are playing, I only found two TV’s this year, last year there were many more. Only a few pictures from day one can be found on Flickr Getting ready to call it a night, looking forward to the Opening General session tomorrow morning, I have a yellow badge so I will be in the 8:00 showing of the OGS, and as long as the battery holds, and the network connectivity is good will be live blogging .  Of course right after lunch tomorrow there is the little matter of a boat race to attend to.

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