IBM announces Services for Collaboration

Just caught this press release from IBM announcing “Enterprise Adaptability services”

With Enterprise Adaptability companies can learn how to embed Web 2.0 technologies into the fabric of business operations, allowing employees, partners and customers to communicate, establish new business relationships and make real-time decisions within the context of their everyday work.

Enterprise Adaptability combines industry-leading software from IBM Lotus Software and FileNet with consulting expertise from IBM Global Business Services’ Human Capital Management practice.

So I suppose the software involved is Connections, Quickr, Filenet, and I would guess Atlas would be in there as well. I would guess there is a good market for this business as more organizations look for help in their adoption of Social Networking systems.  I am very interested to see where Social Networking components are embedded in business processes, this is almost the inverse of the Atlantic project which is bringing business processes to the Collaboration tools.  So which way are we going?  Which way should we go?  I suspect over time it will be a little bit of both. IBM Announces Services for Collaboration

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