Lotus Connections on Blackberry

Blackberry released the Lotus Connections Client for Blackberry today, the first version fully supports Profiles and Dogear.   The download is available in two flavors, one for loading via Desktop Manager, and one for Over the air download.   A picture named M2 A picture named M3 A picture named M4 This is version 1.0, I would expect to see a lot more in future releases which are being worked on now.  I have not played with it much yet, but profiles search is nice, and fully integrated with the Blackberry for phone and e-mail.   BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus Connections Thanks GiaLyons and Handly for the heads up via Twitter

2 Responses to Lotus Connections on Blackberry
  1. Chris Whisonant
    May 5, 2008 | 9:20 pm

    Thanks for the screenshots Mitch! Here’s the lowdown on how to download from and configure for BleedYellow:

    { Link }

  2. Thierry
    January 18, 2009 | 4:16 pm


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