Is that to stay or to go? (Taking Activities offline)

On of the features promised in  Notes 8.5 is the ability to take Activities off line, thanks to Luis Benitiez (blog  twitter) here are the steps on enabling Activities to go.  Once enabled you can both view, edit and add content to your activities which will all synch back when connected. First you do need to be running the Notes 8.5 Public Beta, once you have that download, and installed, you can enable off line Activities by editing a configuration file.   In your <Lotus Notes Install> directory edit the  “” file change the last line in the file “activities.enable.offline” from “no” to “yes” # Enable offline mode activities.enable.offline=yes Once that is done restart your Notes client and like magic, you now have the ability to take your activities with you when working off line.  As you can see here there is a decent amount of flexibility of what can be synched, and the synchronization can be scheduled (though it would sure be nice if they could integrate the synchronization on to the Replicator page for ease of use by end users) A picture named M2 In the activities Sidebar you now have an off line option (and again would be really nice if that was incorporated in to the Notes client location for ease of use) A picture named M3 A picture named M4 This is clearly an early working version, I am sure when it goes gold, it will not require editing a file to enable, and there will be other improvements, but it sure is nice to be able to take my activities with me when I am off line, because Activities have become a very important part of where my work is.

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