LoLA Day 2

The morning began with a town hall style meeting with all of Monday’s presenters on stage to take questions from the audience.  There was a moment which really clarified what this week is about, with a couple of minutes left in the session the moderator asked Bob Picciano if he wanted to make any closing remarks, which he declined to do as he felt the time was better spent taking additional questions.  The IBM team is really here to listen. Following the town hall meeting, I attended a meeting with IBM, SAP, and other customers on project “Atlantic“, where I learned quite a bit about the integration between SAP and Notes that will be delivered later this year.  I then let the Connections User Experience team pick my brain for another  hour (they seem to think there is still something they haven’t gotten out of me yet).   After lunch I attended the Archiving Roundtable a very interactive discussion on the future of Archiving, and that was followed by “Working Together: IBM and RIM Collaborate to enhance Domino and the Blackberry experience. Every year the GCPC Members break up  in to workgroups covering the different product areas, where the members work to come up with a top 10 “must do” list.  Myself and another steering committee member are facilitating the session focused on Connections and Quickr.  This afternoon we focused primarily on Quickr, tomorrow we will tackle Connections, and finalize our presentation which we will present later in the day. More tomorrow on the final day of LoLA

One Response to LoLA Day 2
  1. Handly Cameron
    September 24, 2008 | 6:53 am

    Mary Beth Raven’s Notes team has their user personas to develop against. The Connections team has you!