Blogger Q and A with Lotus Execs

This evening the participants in the Blogger Program had the opportunity to participate in a Q & A with the Lotus Executive Team.  I did actually manage to blog the Q&A for about the first 20 minutes, then the conversation took off, and I seem to have stopped typing.  Fortunately Chris Miller was typing and recording away so I will let you read his version of the Q&A and give you some of my impressions from the session. The IBM folks who organized this event had one idea of how it should be run, unlike in years past where the panel sat up front and took one question at a time from the bloggers, (while this is the first year for the blogger program there have been previous blogger Q&A sessions with the execs) they were going to have the execs at tables and let people go from table to table and talk one on one.  Well the bloggers (as far as I can tell) unanimously expressed that we preferred the old format so everyone can hear all the Q&A.   Well just like that Tables and Chairs were moved and the format was changed.  Here is the assembled panel. IMG_2121 This is the second time I have been fortunate to be able to attend this session, and while it seems so obvious that it is a good idea for the execs to take some time out of what is a very busy day for everyone to have an open  dialogue with a group of bloggers, the fact that they have done this consistently for a few years now really shows that the value they place on the  Lotus Blogger community to maintain this dialogue which really only begins at Lotusphere it carry’s on through the year in various ways.  

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