INV 103 Social Software Deep Dive

Chris Lamb and Peter Van de Graf presenting an overview of the Social Software strategy, followed by a preview of Profiles in 2.5 Showing more of what we saw in the OGS this morning with Profiles 2.5 including Micro Blogging and a personal Wall for people to leave comments. Showing Integration of Connections with SuccessFactors for increased productivity in people and career management iEnterprise integration of their Notes CRM application with Profiles allowing a sales force to search profiles from the Notes application including alerts for profile changes. Atlas for visualization of the social structure on an individual and organizational level Peter Van de Graf talking about information overload with 900 exabytes of data or enough books to stack from the earth to pluto and back or something like that (or one weekends read for duffbert) Now on to Personal File Sharing & Document Management , showing more screens again building on what we saw at the OGS this morning, ability to rate and comment on documents as well as selective sharing.  Personal File Sharing is based on IBM internal implementation. Wiki, shipping in Connections 2.5 and subsequent versions of Quickr. (yes finally a REAL Wiki in Quickr!) Connections 2.5 looks good I can’t wait to get my hands on some Beta code to start testing. Off to Lunch and some meetings….. more later today.

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