My Technically Challenging Lotusphere 2009

You plan and you plan and well….. the matter how much you plan things go wrong.  Once could say I had a technically challenging Lotusphere, so here is a list of things that went wrong for me. My Eye-Fi card which I only bought about two weeks before Lotusphere and worked perfectly before I left for Orlando, refused to see a wirless network, in fact when I tried to configure it, I was warned that the card was possibly damaged and should be replaced.  The replacement is now on the way, but it would have been nice to have during Lotusphere.  Had I been able to upload my pictures to Flickr automatically as planned it would have made Live Blogging with Photos that much easier. The spare battery for my laptop refused to charge.  I have a Lenovo T61, and the battery that ships with it gives me between 2 and 3 hours depending on how I use it, however when I remove the DVD Burner and replace it with the ThinkPad Advance Ultrabay Battery II, my battery life jumps in to the 6-7 hour range.  My battery was working fine last week, but after the first time it drained it refused to charge again.  The positive side of this was that I carried my laptop a whole lot less then I would have had the batteries been working properly. Finally my Blackberry a Verizon 8830 which has not held up as well compared to previous models I have owned, well at some point the battery cover which is prone to coming loose disappeared leaving me with this to carry around and try not to knock the battery out or lose it. CIMG1045  The one device that really kept me going all week was my iPhone, the only issue with the iPhone is battery power with heavy usage I could not get through a day without recharging it, fortunately this battery did not let me down, and allowed me to keep the iPhone charged on the go during the day.

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