You Get What you Pay For? I Don't Think So! (IamLUG Recap)

Whoever said “You get what you pay for” clearly never anticipated an event like IamLUG. Looking back on the event last week first off I can’t say enough about the job done by Chris Miller, Francie Tanner, and the rest of the IamLUG team.  IamLUG ran as smoothly as any event that had the benefits of a dedicated conference organizer, while being run by people who actually organized the event as an additional responsibility to their day jobs. Then we get to the price to attend FREE!  Thanks to the sponsors there was no fee to attend the conference, which included breakfast and lunch every day. Of course topping it all off was the content.  Two full days of three concurrent sessions, with it being almost impossible to decide which room to be in. So here is hoping that IamLUG will repeat again in 2010, and I will be lining up early to register because I certainly expect that when registration opens it will fill up quickly. Check out the IamLUG Flickr feed for all the photos of the event, I hope to get the rest of mine uploaded there later today.

One Response to You Get What you Pay For? I Don't Think So! (IamLUG Recap)
  1. Ken Hawkins
    August 10, 2009 | 10:09 am

    Any chance the presentation will be made available for download?