Lotus Symphony Now Available on Keepod Devices

IBM, VMware, and Keepod are announcing today the availability of Lotus Symphony for Keepod devices allowing Symphony to run from the portable device without any installation required on the host PC.

This portable version of the software, packaged using VMware ThinApp and made possible through an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement between IBM and NSEC, can be launched directly from any Keepod device, without installing anything on the PC and without leaving a footprint on the system. Launching Lotus Symphony directly from Keepod means that users won’t leave any trace of their work, which may be confidential in nature.

“With this Keepod offering, we are able to extend Symphony benefits to many new users,” said Kevin Cavanaugh, vice president, Messaging and Collaboration, IBM Lotus. “Our goal with Lotus Symphony software is to provide a fully capable alternative to Microsoft Office, giving business and consumers alike real choice and cost savings.”

IBM Lotus Symphony Productivity Software Available On Credit Card-Sized, Keepod Devices

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