The Great 2009 Mail Purge

My mail file before the end of year cleanup A picture named M2 after the cleanup A picture named M3 Most of thet reduction came from deleting old documents, a little came from saving off attachments and deleting the messages.  A good bulk of what is left is Calendar, and To Do items which I have never purged (this mail file was originally created in 1997, and the calendar is intact all the way back to the beginning),  My contacts are also stored in my mail file so accounts for another thousand or so documents. I could still use a little more cleanup but as it stands right now my Inbox contains 6 documents, I am aiming to get them cleaned up before the end of the year and start 2010 with a nice clean Inbox.  Then challenge of course will be to maintain my Inbox and prevent it from growing out of control again.

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