Lotusphere 2010 Day 1 Recap

Today really flew by, a very different Jumpstart day for me then in past years.  In the past on Jumpstart Sunday I have always tried to get to a session or two that was different then I have worked on, for example last year I made it to sessions on xPages, and another on Javascript.  This year it was not to be.  I started out the day in JMP205 Installing Lotus Connections.  From there Adrian Spender and I finally had the chance to run through our session in person.  Much easier then our remote practice sessions.   The run through was a success and we seem to be in good shape for SHOW303 on Wednesday. The afternoon was spent in the LotusLive Customer and Partner meeting, not much else I can really say about that now. The weather cooperated for the opening reception tonight, best weather I remember for an opening reception in a few years now.  For any of you Back to the Future fans out there the Delorean (and Doc Brown) were hanging out at the party this evening CIMG3635 After the reception while hanging out in the Dolphin Lobby I ran in to these two guys CIMG3647 and recorded a couple of minutes with them for the Taking Notes podcast. As always great to see everyone, and especially getting to meet up in real life with many from the twitterverse. Looking forward to tomorrow morning Opening General Session (which will be live blogged here), and the other keynotes throughout the day tomorrow.  Now time for a little sleep.

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