Google is Recruiting iPhone App Developers

Back in early March Google was apparently offering a free Droid or Nexus One to developers who had already contributed to the Android Market.  Now it appears they offering free devices to  successful iPhone App Developers.  This is a very smart move by Google as they aim to encourage more developers to port their Apps to Android and increase the number of quality applications available in the Android Market.  

I heard that Google was reaching out to iPhone App developers not too long ago, and now it appears that the company is at it again. After all, who could blame them? The App Store is a huge success and while Android is catching on, it still doesn’t have the same penetration as the iPhone OS.

Beyond free devices and the availability of Apps, I think this is an excellent point made in the article

I think if you don’t get caught up in the iPhone hype, the latest Android offerings, including the Nexus One and HTC Incredible, are even better than the iPhone in some cases.

Apple definitely does a great job grabbing the headlines (in fact call me a cynic, but I still this the whole iPhone 4 “leak” was somehow contrived by Apple), but there is a large upside to Android and the more recent devices coupled with the 2.1 OS are really attractive iPhone alternatives.

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