My Picks for NFL Divisional Round


Coming off of my 1-3 weekend last week, I am going to give it another try this week.  Every game this week is a rematch of a regular season game, both AFC games are the 3rd matchup this season with both teams splitting in the regular season.  Looks like another great weekend of NFL Playoff Footall coming up.  Same as last week, I am picking winners and losers, no odds, points, etc.

Saturday Games

NFC: Packers (10-6) @ Falcons (13-3)

This is a tough one, Falcons had a great season and are tough at home, and beat Green Bay in Atlanta in week 12, but the Packers seem to be on a roll right now, coming off a nice road win in Philly.  I have to pick the Packers to roll through Atlanta and move on to the NFC Championship in Chicago (oops just got ahead of myself).

Pick: Packers

AFC: Ravens (12-4) @ Steelers (12-4)

I picked against the Ravens last week, but the Chiefs simply did not show up to play.  Baltimore won in Pittsburgh in Week 4, lost to Pittsbbugh at home in week 13, both games had a 3 point margin of victory. I am picking against them again (which means @baltimoretom will tell me I suck at this again), but I expect a good game.

Pick: Steelers


Sunday Games

NFC: Seahawks (7-9) @ Bears (11-5)

Seriously, do I even have to say it? Unless the Bears get trapped and are looking ahead to the NFC Championship, they win, simple. (I am throwing out Seattles week 6 victory at Soldier Field one of only two road wins for them this season)

Pick: Bears

AFC: Jets (11-4) @ Patriots (14-2)

In week 2 at the Meadowlands the Jets doubled up on the patriots 28-14, in week 13 in Foxborough the Patriots demolished the Jets 45-3.  So even though I have spent enough time listening to confident Jets fans explain why this time will be different, I am not buying, New England is headed to the AFC Championship game.

Pick: Patriots

Who are you picking this weekend?


One Response to My Picks for NFL Divisional Round
  1. Chris Pepin
    January 15, 2011 | 2:13 pm

    Great picks Mitch. I agree with all of them. Go Pats!