Exlcuding a Specific NSF File from Compaction

This one is new in Domino 8.5.1 and later, but I just came across it the other day.

You can use COMPACT_FILTER= followed by a comma (or semi colon) separated list of databases to exclude from Compact when it is run server wide or against a specific directory

a very helpful notes.ini parameter












Technote 1415204: COMPACT_FILTER – notes.ini parameter to prevent compaction of specified files

3 Responses to Exlcuding a Specific NSF File from Compaction
  1. william eberle
    January 11, 2012 | 2:28 pm

    Great stuff, Mitch! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. […] to Mitch Cohen for bringing this Technote to everyones attention.. This is the sort of control we need more of in […]

  3. Mike Hular
    April 11, 2012 | 9:01 pm

    if the NSF file is in a subfolder or a linked folder, do I have to include the whole path of the file or simply type the filname?

    i.e ndata/filename.nsf