IBM Lotus Traveler, Android, and Browsers

This is documented in the IBM Lotus Traveler Documentation, but it is worth pointing out.  If you are using IBM Lotus Traveler on Android the browser used to download the client on the device will determine which information is populated in the client.

Traveler Info Center

What this is saying is that if you download the Traveler client using the Browser that came with the Android OS (Usually labelled simply ‘Internet’) the Server name and Username will fill in and after installing the configuration screen will look like this

Traveler with Server


What is becoming increasingly common is that people are using Chrome or Firefox on their Android devices and ignoring the default browser.  When using the non-default browser after installing your configuration screen will look like  this

Traveler no server


Traveler will still configure correctly but you will have to manually fill in your server name, and user name to complete the configuration.

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