Worlds Collide (What a Difference a Year Makes)

Last January I headed down to Orlando for Lotusphere with very mixed emotions, on one hand I wanted to be there, in some ways I needed to be there, and at the same time I was a little worried about leaving home one week after Elisa had major surgery.  It was Elisa who months earlier knowing what was ahead insisted I make my plans and go to Lotusphere as I have been doing for years now.

It was around this time that the idea was born that Elisa should come to Lotusphere 2013.  Over the course of the week many of you filmed a greeting to Elisa, and encouraged her to make the trip to Orlando in 2013.

So here we are one year later, heading down to Orlando together, and while I might be going to IBM Connect, I am pretty sure Elisa is on her way to Lotusphere 🙂 where we once again put to the test George Costanza’s theory of worlds colliding.

I can’t speak for George Costanza, but I am thrilled to have Elisa joining me in Orlando this year and look forward to the week ahead.

See you in Orlando

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