A Clarification on Traveler High Availability

Last week at IBM Connect Chris Whisonant and I presented a Show and Tell Session on IBM Notes Traveler High Availability.  One of the attendees at the session was a developer from the Traveler team.  I had worked with Smith (actually his first name not an alias)  many times before during Traveler Betas, and on a couple of PMR, but met him for the first time at a Birds of Feather session on Traveler that morning.

While I was confident in my knowledge on the subject, a couple of times while presenting it occurred to me “would the developers agree with that?”.  At the end of the session Smith has only one complaint, which I promised I would clarify when I got back home, and it was about this slide.

Probably because I have been working with Domino for years, it was easy for me to fall back on using the word ‘cluster’ to describe Traveler in an HA Config, but as the slide indicates, Traveler Servers are not Domino Clusters.  So what should we call them?
The developers refer to them as HA pools, and Pool Members, so going forward I will use those terms to describe Traveler in an HA Config, it does make it easier to keep things straight.
I was also relieved that this was the only slide Smith had any issues with 🙂

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