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It Is That Time of Year Again… Objectives (according to Dilbert)

Dilbert Dilbert October 23, 2010

Retweet this to win (No not really, but it is a good cartoon about it)

2010.04.30.contest.png Rob Cottingham via RWW

David Letterman: Top Ten Signs You Spend Too Much Time On Twitter"

Sorry: CBS makes you watch an ad before the top 10

The Dangers of Running a Live Webcam

So the Snow Cam (now offline) has been running out my window for the last couple of days.  You have to be careful when running a live webcam or things like this happen. Yesterday I got in trouble for going outside with out a hat.  Today Carl felt the need to capture some video and come up with his own interpretation of the activities outside my house.  Thanks Carl!

This Must Have been Invented by @jrobichaux

This is the latest innovation to appear in the bathrooms at the office, I had never seen these before, but I bet Julian has had them installed in his house for years now 🙂 Here is an image of it purleve Purleve hygienic door handle

Google – What Happened to ‘Do No Evil’

A picture named M2 Google Corporate Philosophy (see # 6)

Proposed New Categories for LinkedIn Contacts

via Read Write Web

Many people who know me will disagree with this

You Are Fairly Normal

You scored 60% normal on this quiz

Thanks Gregg

Unified Communications

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