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Consolidated List of INI Settings for IBM Connections Features in Lotus Notes

A while ago I asked the question “What is in your plugin_customization.ini” where I talked about all the features that can be set via the plugin_customization.ini file, but a severe lack of documentation for them.

I was happy to find this list in the IBM Connections Wiki detailing all the available options for IBM Connections integration in Lotus Notes, including which version of the client they are supported in, here is a sample


If the Sametime team is listening a similar list for Sametime would be a nice addition to the Sametime Wiki

IBM Connections Wiki: Using INI settings to configure the IBM Connections features that are available in the IBM Lotus Notes client

IBM (Lotus) Product Requirements – there’s an app for that!

Have you ever struggled to determine the prerequisites, compatibilities, etc while deploying an IBM solution? If you are still reading I am guessing the answer is yes.  IBM has developed a new site, designed to help you sort out these details.


Here for example is a report for Lotus Connections 3.0 Operating Systems Supported


Note the ability to save as PDF or print.

There is a nice list of reports as you can see, and in the few samples I tried it worked fine, this looks,like it could be a terrific resource.

Software Product Compatibility Reports