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What does the Microsoft/Nokia Partnership mean for Lotus Traveler?

Nokia (along with GBS, and Blackberry) was one of the top level sponsors of Lotusphere 2011, they had a huge pedestal in the vendor showcase, and generated a lot of buzz with their Nokia E7 giveaway.

One of the takeaways I had from the Lotus Mobile Strategy session was the fact that Windows Mobile / Windows Phone 7 were not mentioned at all.  Currently Traveler officially supports up to Windows Mobile 6.5, and by all reports the Windows Phone 7 is not exactly flying off the shelves, so I can understand Lotus not running to add Traveler support.

So has Nokia after working to build a partnership with IBM on Traveler, and spending somewhere in the neighborhood of $100,000 to sponsor Lotusphere now jumped ship? Even better question does it matter? Nokia sales are way down (in the US they are basically non-existent) people are jumping to Android and iOS.

Perhaps this is just one less platform for IBM to focus on now, and more effort will be placed on the RIM Partnership, and developing Traveler and Mobile Apps for Android and iOS which to me would be a good thing.

In my opinion Nokia should have looked at Android, though I guess Google wasn’t offering them millions that Microsoft reportedly did to embrace Windows Phone 7.

What do you think? Is Nokia making the right move embracing Windows Mobile, or is this a step in figuring out which three mobile platforms will survive.

Nokia Partners With Microsoft, Embraces Windows Phone 7