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Bad Marketing or Clever Spam?

This morning I arrived in my office to find an envelope waiting for me on my desk.  Physical mail of any sort is a rarity at the office these days, let alone a hand addressed envelope from someone I don’t know.


Curiosity made me open it and look inside where I found this


Note the custom URL with my name.

NO I did not type that in to a browser and I have no plans on doing so, but it leaves me wondering is this a terrible attempt at marketing something, which missed in both credibility and target audience or is this a clever new spamming technique.  With so many people now understanding that they need to be careful with links that arrive in email, is this an attempt to catch people with their guard down?

If you have any clue what this is feel free to let me know, but I think this will all be in the trash before I leave the office in a few hours.

Google Voice now with Spam Protection

I am a big Google Voice fan, in fact I have been using the service since before the Google acquisition when it was known as GrandCentral.  I do have a few complaints with the service one of which is the occasional (and sometimes not so occasional) spam call or text. 

I logged in to my account in a browser this afternoon and was greeted with this


You better believe I opted in.

Google Voice Help: Global Spam Filtering

Sorry Twitter I Prefer Notifications in my Client

Twitter has added some new e-mail notification options, and enabled them by default.  As a result I woke up this morning to a surprising number of e-mails in the e-mail account associated with my Twitter ID.

Tweetdeck already provides all of this functionality, I would really prefer not to have the same information e-mailed to me. 

You might want to check your Twitter notification settings. The only one of these I like to keep enabled is direct messages, my personal preference.