Quickr Connector bug

I have been playing with Lotus Quickr for the last few months, now that the environment has been upgraded from beta to the GA code a pilot group has been given access and today uncovered a bug in the Connectors. Not to be negative, if you have not checked out Quickr and the Connectors yet, I highly recommend it, the connectors allow you to see your places in Windows explorer so you can upload or download files via drag and drop, the connectors also integrate into Office allowing you to open and save files directly to a place in Word, excel, powerpoing, Sametime, and Lotus Notes (this is out of the box, you can then extend the connectors on your own to other applications). Now on to the bug, if you have anonymous or reader access to a place, the connector allows you to drag and drop a file and looks like it uploads, never giving any warning or error that you do not have create rights, of course the file is never actually uploaded, but sure would be nice if the user received a message letting them know they did not have rights.

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