Broken Scaphoid Update

Today I went to a hand specialist for a second opinion.  The good news, I am not getting the case pictured here, the hopefully even better news is for now no surgery either.  They made a custom splint for my hand, which is not really as comfortable as the one I have had for the last couple of weeks, but is better designed to allow the injury to heal, and can be removed occasionally.  In general I can still type with my left hand, but my left thumb can not get anywhere near the keyboard.  So here is what the hand looks like now A picture named M2 It will be like this for the next two weeks, then I see the doctor again.

One Response to Broken Scaphoid Update
  1. Dave Harris
    February 28, 2008 | 2:13 am

    Ouch, nasty one, I remember it well: { Link }

    For me it was a sort of fibreglass cast for six weeks to immobilise it, but removing it was not an option. That was followed by a few weeks in a removable sleeve to strengthen and protect it while I was working.

    A word of warning – it’s going to stink to high heaven by the end, and you’ll have weeks of dead skin to remove. Try doing this in the room where they take the cast off, as soon as you can.

    You may not know it, but it’s apparently the most commonly broken bone.