This story does not have a happy ending…… and how stupid is my town

Disclaimer – this story does not end well for the deer so proceed with caution.

When I arrived home this evening I was informed I was told there was a deer in my backyard sitting and eating. Now deer sightings are rather common by my house (along with wild Turkeys, rabbits, ground-hogs, and others which is kind of fascinating for a guy who grew up in Brooklyn), but they rarely are sitting and don’t usually stay in one place for long so I suspected it was injured. I stepped out on the patio, the deer tried to stand but obviously could not.

I called the towns animal control hotline, they dispatched an “Animal Control Officer” who informed me the deer had been hit by a car, and it’s hind legs were broken. The procedure apparently is to call the police who will come and euthanize the deer.

Now I really had no problem with the plan so far, first of all the animal was obviously in pain and frightened, second of all we clearly have to many of them around here since there is a plan in place to reduce the deer population which ironically ends tomorrow.

Now here is where they lost me, the police will carry out the act of euthanizing the animal, then animal control will drag the animal in front of my house AND LEAVE IT THERE, but don’t worry most likely the Public Works department will show up some time tomorrow and remove it.

First of all, is it really appropriate to just leave it there on the street for all to see. Second of all this is not exactly the sight I need to greet my four year old daughter when we leave for school in the morning (distracting a four year old while all this transpired is a whole different story, but we pulled that off). Well it was too late in the day to get anyone else from the town involved, though I tried, so they carried out their brilliant plan.

Fortunately the snow pile is big enough that it is not really visible from the house window, but I have received some curious calls from the neighbors. I suspect I will be speaking to the mayors office tomorrow.

OK I promise back to writing about Lotus Connections/TDI tomorrow just thought I would share the events of the evening.

3 Responses to This story does not have a happy ending…… and how stupid is my town
  1. Carl Tyler
    February 27, 2008 | 11:57 pm

    Around here someone would gut it and put it in their freezer.

  2. Norman Cox
    February 28, 2008 | 8:45 am

    Would you like some recipes? I have quite the collection. Emoticon

  3. NatesDad
    February 28, 2008 | 1:27 pm

    Had a similar situation with a rabid skunk when my son was little. Took all day for animal control to show up and they called the cops to shoot it. Was pretty funny watching the copy crouch down and “chase” the skunk with his gun and then run like hell when the skunk sprayed when he shot it. Emoticon