Quickr Entry, Standard one the other or both

Quickr 8.1 comes in 2 flavors Entry which is the Personal File Sharing, and Standard which included both.  You can toggle between install types via a notes.ini setting.  If you install Quickr Entry, your notes.ini will contain “QRD_InstallType=1”, and when you hit the home page it will look like this A picture named M2 You can Upgrade to Standard by simply changing the ini parameter from 1 to 2 “QRD_InstallType=2” as documented here in the Quickr InfoCenter, when you hit the home page you will now see this, and have the option to toggle between Places and Files A picture named M3 Now lets say you are implementing Quickr, but are not ready to implement the personal file sharing piece, you can remove the Places and Files links by changing the notes.ini entry to 3  “QRD_InstallType=3” so that you will now see this A picture named M4 When changing “QRD_InstallType=” in the notes.ini a Domino restart is not required, simply restart HTTP and the change takes effect.

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  1. john wylie
    May 15, 2008 | 1:01 pm

    Nicely done – a good tip