Got power?

If you are like me you have probably found that when you have a day that you are on the go, you tend to drain the battery in your mobile device.  I am currently using a Verizon 8830 Blackberry and / or an iPhone.  While I like both of them, neither can stand up to a full day of phone calls, browsing, and instant messaging.  I recently found a nice solution the Lenmar Power Port.  The Power Port is compact and lightweight and when fully charged can charge a blackberry, iPhone or any other USB powered device at least 5 times.  It comes with 4 power tips, one USB, one for iPod/iPhone and 2 others I suspect are for cell phones, or you can use your own USB cable.  I used this recently on a 6 hour flight, I was able to watch videos on my iPhone the entire flight and walk off the plane with a fully charged phone, which I really needed.

One Response to Got power?
  1. Turtle
    July 9, 2008 | 12:49 am

    I often go days without charging my Berry 8800, and that’s email, frequent checking of the web and Twitter, and the GPS on a lot of the time. I have two smaller, cheaper gadgets that help a lot, both by Belkin: a cigarette-lighter-to-USB adapter, and a 110v-to-cigarette-lighter adapter. Total cost, maybe $30. If I’m not in a car, I’m near a wall outlet, and if I’m not near a car or an outlet, generally the Berry’s battery is over 70% anyway.