New Lotus Connections Technotes, and a fix for Fix Pack 1

Lots of new technotes released on Lotus Connections today you can get all of them on the Lotus Connections support page.  A couple of technotes worth highlighting Technote 1313795  Lotus Connections Support Statement for virtual environments much like Technote 1106182 for Domino IBM will support it unless they come to suspect the problem is caused by the virtual environment in which case the problem has to be reproduced in a non virtual environment. Technote 4019929 Discussion Forum topics greater than 2K of text not displaying properly – this is a fix on top of Connections 2.0 Fix Pack 1 and resolves and issue with postings in forums larger then 2K Technote L030744 INFORMATION CENTER INSTRUCTIONS FOR CREATING THE DB2 DATABASES ARE INCORRECT – good to know if you are not a DB2 expert and trying to create databases  and not using the DB Creation wizard. There are also a bunch of technotes referring to APARs from Connections 1..0.2 (mostly that are closed as fixed in 2.0) or on 2.0 fixed by FP1

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