Help is on the way for duplicate calendar entries

If you have been using Notes as your calendar for a while at some point you have probably had to deal with a duplicated meeting entry, and especially if it was a repeating meeting it was next to impossible to resolve the duplicate, you were generally better off leaving both entries and dealing with it.  I had heard that in Notes 8.5 there was some work around resolving issues with duplicated calendar entries, and this morning while straightening out my calendar I came across this A picture named M2 Saying OK did not seem to have any negative impact on my calendar, though I am not sure I ever saw a duplicate for the particular entry in question either.  A quick search of the Help and Admin Help did not seem to yield any further clues on this new feature so I will have to go bother John Lance and see what he can tell me about this.  I am also curious if this can be controlled by policy to just let if repair entries without displaying a dialog  box or if the text could be customized.  Regardless I am glad this is finally being worked on and is in 8.5.

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  1. John Lance
    October 31, 2008 | 9:23 am

    Hi Mitch,

    Since you asked so politely Emoticon:

    A little “inside baseball here” when we fix the duplicate we actually keep the duplicate record we just make it so it doesn’t show in your calendar. If you ever do have to get back to the dupe you can actually get to it from the calendar list view for Entries and Notices.

    You might get the dupe dialog without seeing the dupe on your cal if:

    a. there are duplicate instances in the repeat set which are not currently visible….You’re looking at week 32… and the duplicates are actually way out in week 48… (If you click that little Details button we will tell you which instances we are fixing)

    b. You have duplicate instances that are not on your calendar at all… for example… duplicate instances.. both of which are in a declined state…. or.. both of which are in a cancelled state… or.. both of which are in a “counter proposed” state.

    c. there might be other cases, but those are really the more common.

    Not sure about the policy. That I’ll have to look into.

    It’s a neat tool. I’ve used it several times. And never fear, we are also working on our backend processing to try and make it so that Samantha sees this dialog less and less.

    Hope this helps.


  2. Gina
    November 8, 2008 | 2:31 pm

    Hi. I am looking for my old pal Mitch Cohen whom used to live in Charleston, SC…might you be he? Or no?Emoticon

  3. Mitch Cohen
    November 10, 2008 | 3:46 pm

    @2 Gina, sorry I am from Brooklyn, NY and have never lived in Charleston SC

    Good luck finding your friend.