Have you noticed the recent changes in the Lotus Greenhouse?

There have been two recent changes announced for the Lotus Greenhouse one related to Lotus Connections the other related to Quickr Begining October 7th, 2009 if you use Quickr places in the Greenhouse you will need to access you place at least once every 3 months, on October 7th any places not accessed since May 1 will be removed. (This would seem to make sense for the Greenhouse as quite a bit of the activity there is for testing)

Starting October 7,2009 we will be removing any Place that have not been accessed since May 1, 2009. We will continue to remove places in a rolling manner going forward. Any place that has not been accessed in the past 3 months will be removed. This will improve performance and help us manage Quickr more efficiently. Action Required: Teamplace owners need to decide if they want their place to remain active on the Lotus Greenhouse Website. To keep your place simply access it

Begining October 30th, 2009 Bookmarks, and Blogs will be accessible for viewing via anonymous access (previously one had to be logged in to read a blog or view bookmarks)

We’ve heard you loud and clear! You would like to see the Lotus Greenhouse Website opened up a bit more! We agree and have decided to start with Blogs and Bookmarks from Lotus Connections. What is changing? A user will be able to see the Blogs and view the comments without having to log into the Lotus Greenhouse. You will also be able to view and access Public Bookmarks. Blogs and Bookmarks can also be indexed by search engines and, as a result, included in future search results. What is not changing? Only Greenhouse Members can create a blog or publish entries in a blog Only Greenhouse Members can post comments, tag, or recommend a Blog A users profile will not be viewable to the internet Anything that is created as private will remain private When will this change take effect? October 30th, 2009

Nice to see the Greenhouse beginning to open up the Connections environment, and they have committed to looking at Communities and Wikis next after the first round of changes is complete.

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