I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone

Well actually not the rain but the Storm…. Blackberry Storm that is A picture named M2 I went back at looked at my first impressions of the Storm, and how I felt after having it for a week, and the reality is it was all downhill from there.  Even with frequent OS upgrades to the device it remained slow, the rotation of the screen from portrait to landscape was terrible and often had a mind of it’s own, and I never got used to the typing on it.  Probably the most frustrating part was the lack of application support for the Storm (yes most applications ran, but did not take advantage of the full screen, and in many cases were hindered by the on screen keyboard)..   Now it is possible that I am throwing in the towel at exactly the wrong time as this week the Storm was the first device to receive the upgrade to  Blackberry OS 5.0 but I am happy to let other test and report back on OS 5.0.    Of course the Storm 2 is also shipping and by all reports seems to be somewhat improved (and in a first for a Verizon Blackberry has WIFI) but I am done with the Storm series for now. Replacing the Storm is the Blackberry Tour A picture named M3 While it is too soon to have any real in depth comments about the tour, the feel of the familiar Blackberry keyboard feels good, and makes it real easy to type.  I am in the process of downloading and setting up my applications. Before you ask, yes I use my iPhone with Lotus Traveler more then the Blackberry these days, but still have some needs for the Blackberry.  In the next few weeks I expect to be using the Blackberry more as there are some new applications I will be configuring and testing on the Blackberry (more on that another time for now I will leave you guessing).

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