Live Blog Alistair Rennie Keynote at #admin2010

seem to be having some technical issues working on getting content back in here – refresh for updates IMG_6698 IMG_6705 Not sure what happened but seem to have lost first half of blog, will get it back in later picking up live now Alistair is now talking about Lotus Connections Next with the major themes being Social Analytics, and improved capabilities around compliance and auditing, improving Communities. Quickr – big things happening in both Java and Domino but expecially Domino  Better consistency between Domino and J2EE quickr.  Lot of work on the Domino side with better administration capabilities, Ron Demoing IMG_6715 Sametime 8.5 “huge changes” web proxy, and much better meeting experience, audio and video, iPhine browser client. Now back to Ron for more demos, Quickr, Sametime, and Connections If you are interested in Beta for Lotus Live Notes you can nominate yourself for beta at Last 20 minutes of the keynote will be open Q&A, Brent Peters and Russ Holden will be joining Alistair on stage to take questions Ron Demoed Traveler on Android (beta soon), Quickr, Connections, and Sametime 8.5.  Great sametime 8.5 video demo, guess Ron could not find a demo partner – he had a cardboard cut out on the far end of the video. Alistair back talking about LotusLive, and integration with Skype, UPS, Salesforce, and Silanis. Ron is now demoing LotusLive Notes, and Silanis integration Alistair will be back shortly for a Vulcan update and then Q&A Alistair now back talking about Vulcan which has 4 basic themes Continuity – build on your existing investment Convergence – on-premise, cloud, mobile, web and desktop Innovation – Social Analytics, better way to manage information New Opportunities –  change the way people think about collaborative apps Ron is now doing a Vulcan Demo – This is the third time I have seen this demo Lotusphere, LCTY, and today it really has not changed, I am waiting to see some new Vulcan demos. Application Catalog with in the client in the Vulcan demo – this I have not seen yet. IMG_6719 Russ and Brent on stage now for Q&A, first couple of questions were around encryption and security. I think I am going to call this a wrap now, and will update later if there are any really good questions asked. More from Admin 2010 Later

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