20 Random Thoughts from IBM Connect 2013

1. The batteries on Mat Newman occasionally need recharging

2. They label these things for a reason – double check the sign before entering



3. It’s So Fluffy

4. The only thing better than Minions is Dancing Minions (The person working the gift shop laughed a lot while we were visiting)

5. The Wifi was worthless this year, thank goodness for 4G (and unlimited data plans)

4G Usage











6.  I love Roller Coasters but I skipped the Rocket at Universal which was probably a good idea

7. Thank you Plantronics for one of the more useful vendor giveaway items

Plantronics Calisto 620









8. They Might be Giants – gotta love a band from Brooklyn (and that They Might be Giants)

9. The no football on Sunday works out nicely, looks like a repeat of the same again next year

10. The badge holders were good for the first time in a few years, no more Velcro closures

11. 7 Days in Florida and Google Now wanted me to head to the airport the entire time

12. Joyce Davis is a Champion among Champions

13. The London Developer Co-op definitely had the best giveaway item

14.Geeks, Props, and Cameras…. need I say more

15. Sleep – quality not quantity , Fibit ‘Sleep Efficiency’ average of 97% for the week

16. 7 AM BOFs are early and hard to get to, but if you make it they prove to be quite productive sessions

17. Time moves way to fast at IBM Connect the days and the week just flew by

18. I didn’t use these, but they were a great idea and looked like they got quite a bit of use










19. Nine years at Lotusphere and Countless visits to Kimonos and I finally got up on stage at Kimonos this year (in unrelated news, there was some awful Karaoke this year)

20. IBM Connect 2013 was memorable for many reasons, but this is what will stand out most in my mind

Excited to be headed to Lotusphere


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One Response to 20 Random Thoughts from IBM Connect 2013
  1. Roger Lim
    February 5, 2013 | 9:01 am

    I remember Mat Newman!! Maybe NewTrent can help :). You know I’d be on those rollar coasters with you in Orlando. And yes I do know the band They Might Be Giants.