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2013 By The Numbers

An abbreviated version of my annual look back at the last year, by the numbers.


My blogging output was way down this year.  I am not exactly sure why, it was a busy year not leaving as much time to care and feed the blog as I would have liked.  On my to do list for this year is to give the blog theme a much needed update, and hopefully get back to posting a little more regularly

Blog by Year 2011-2013


Much like blogging a big drop off in the number of Tweets from 2012 to 2013.  I can’t say I specifically tried one way or the other to tweet more or less it just happened, I am not going to invest too much time in figuring out why.

Tweets by Year 2011-2013

2011 Twitter Statistics provided by Tweetstats. 2012 & 2013 Twitter Statistics provided by Tweetnest


I take a lot of pictures, I was actually surprised at the total number for the year and the increase over last year.  I definitely used my phone as my camera more this year than in the past.  In the second half of the year when I discovered Google Auto Awesome I definitely started shooting more in burst mode to see what awesomeness Google would create out of my images.

Photos Taken by Year 2011-2013

Emergency Room Visits

The one category I actually care about where the number ends up. We only paid one visit to the ER all year for a middle of the night Asthma attack that we couldn’t get under control at home.

Emergency Room Visits by Year 2011-2013

This was our one ER visit in July, where they managed to get the Asthma under control quickly, you always know Abe is better when he asks for food.


So that was 2013, onward to see what 2014 has in store starting with a nice snow storm across the Northeast United States.

2012 by the Numbers

2011 by the Numbers

2010 by the Numbers

2009 by the Numbers

2008 by the Numbers

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2012 By The Numbers

My usual look back at the past year, by the numbers


Blogging was a bit down this year, especially in the second half of the year, I am not sure exactly why but a combination of being incredibly busy, and working on some projects that did not lend themselves to blogging definitely contributed. I have a list of posts I want to write or need to finish, hopefully some of them will get done in January.

Blog by Month 2011-2012

Blog by Year 2011-2012


January’s twitter explosion can be easily explained as the combination of Lotusphere, and the Giants playoff run. The rest of the year while slightly up followed the usual pattern with a jump in the fall when Football season rolls around. (and yes I have always been told I talk a lot)

Tweets by Month 2012-2012

Tweets by Year 2011-2012

2011 Twitter Statistics provided by Tweetstats. 2012 Twitter Statistics provided by Tweetnest


I am always fascinated to see how many pictures I end up taking in a year, so here it is. If you are wondering what happened in August in addition to a Family Vacation, it looks like I spent quite a bit of time with the kids in playgrounds and zoos in August, always great places to take pics.

Photos Taken by Month 2011-2012

Photos Taken by Year 2011-2012

Emergency Room Visits

We knew going in to 2012 that we would be spending some time in the hospital, we wound in the hospital more than we expected to, but out last hospital visit of the year was a good one. Amazing in 2012 we seemed to for the first time in years managed to avoid the emergency room, a streak I would like to keep intact in 2013.

Emergency Room Visits by Year 2011-2012

Making sense of these numbers

In case you are spending any time trying to make sense of all these numbers, I present you one final chart.
The NY Giants won 9 games in 2011, and 9 games in 2012 which makes it look like they had two identical seasons. Their seasons could not have been more different in 2011 they went to the playoffs and won the Superbowl, in 2012 they failed to make the playoffs.

NY Giants Wins by Year 2011-2012

My point, don’t take any of these numbers too seriously, they are just numbers :-). Wishing you all the best for the new year and I look forward to seeing many of you in Orlando in a few weeks where I will make good on a promise I made in 2012 (but that is a story for another day)

2011 by the Numbers

2010 by the Numbers

2009 by the Numbers

2008 by the Numbers

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2011 By The Numbers

You should all know by now I don’t write end of year recaps, instead I once again present a recap of the year in numbers.


Once again blogging remained consistent from year to year, the numbers skew a little differently with Lotusphere split between January and February in 2011, but overall no big changes in numbers here.  I covered a more diverse range of topics on the blog this year, a trend that should continue in 2012.


Blog by Month 2010-2011

Blog by Year 2010-2011


For the second year in a row Twitter use has grown dramatically, I definitely participated in more conversation on Twitter not simply broadcasting information which was a factor in the increase in numbers.  The numbers always go up in the fall with all the NFL and Giants related tweets on Sundays.


Tweets by Month 2010-2011

Tweets by Year 2010-2011

Twitter statistics provided by Tweetstats


I didn’t really think I took fewer pictures this year, but the numbers don’t lie. They don’t really matter all that much either, so I will just move on.

Photos Taken by Month 2010-2011

Photos Taken by Year 2010-2011

Amazon Orders

A new category makes it in to the roundup this year, mainly because I just discovered you can see your Amazon purchase history by year, all the way back to your first Amazon order (2002 for me).  I definitely find myself using Amazon more out of convenience, as well as for Subscribe and Save items.


Amazon Orders by Year 2010-2011

Emergency Room Visits

I used to call this category “hospital visits”, but I don’t even want to think about how many times this year I was in good old St. Barnabas Medical Center this past year.  I have renamed the category “Emergency Room Visits” and we managed 3 of those this year all for the kids. Abe racked up two visits, one for croup cough in April and another for severe stomach pain at 2:30 AM (which turned out to be nothing).  Jack managed one visit for a Febrile Seizure.  Of all the numbers presented here this is the only one that matters, and I really hope we reverse this trend in 2012.  I probably should track visits to the pediatrician, I am the Foursquare mayor of our pediatricians office, and according to Foursquare I was there 13 times this past year.  That of course does not includes visits where I forgot to check in (it happens) and the times my wife took the kids to the doctor.


Emergency Room Visits by Year 2010-2011

Wrapping Up

2011 will always be defined by this one event which shaped the latter half of the year and will carry over in to the first part of 2012.  2011 will never be the year we look back on and remember fondly, but what we will always remember is the incredible support we received from family and friends (near and far) in every imaginable way. You can’t put a number on that.

Goodbye and good riddance to 2011…… bring on 2012

2010 by the Numbers

2009 by the Numbers

2008 by the Numbers

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2009 by the Numbers

Once again this year instead of year end wrap up post, I present 2009 by the numbers.


Blog by Month 2008-2009

January really skews the year with the blog output being more then double any other month of the year, but over all even with my increased use of Twitter (which we will cover next) output on my blog remained consistent with 2008.

Blog by Year 2008-2009


Tweets by Month 2008-2009

I can’t really explain the change in numbers in the last quarter of the year, I did not have a goal of tweeting more, it just seems to have happened.  I highly doubt January will be the month that reverses the trend. There is simply no comparison between my Twitter usage in 2008 vs 2009

Tweets by Year 2008-2009

Twitter Statistics are provided via TweetStats (I don’t want you to think I sat and counted every Tweet )


I think by now you all know that I like to take pictures, I almost always have a camera with me, these are photos taken with an actual camera, I keep my pictures taken on my mobile devices separately.

Photos Taken by Month 2008-2009 Photos Taken by Year 2008-2009

I know that is a lot of pictures, they are all well organized, and backed up, many of them do get shared on twitpic, Facebook, and lately I have been using Posterous as well for some sharing.

Hospital Visits (a.k.a the joys of parenting)

This is the only category I really care about, and would seriously like to see this trend reversed in 2010!!

Hospital Visits by Year 2008-2009

2009 visits include  Jack’s two hospitalization’s while we sorted out his Seizures (they are Febrile and harmless to him and now that we understand them don’t wind up in the hospital and fortunately they have been few and far between).  Jack’s 48 hour EEG to come to the aforementioned conclusion, Jacks Asthma / possibly Pneumonia hospital visit, and his surgery to have tubes put in his ears.  Abe only scored one emergency room visit after his run in with a wall.  It’s a good thing I didn’t keep track of all of our pediatrician visits this year, that chart might not have fit!  2008 was much simpler we went to the hospital once, and that was for Abe and Jack to be born, a much more pleasant experience.

Wrapping Up   So that is 2009 by the numbers, looking forward to what 2010 will bring.  Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy 2010, and I will see many of you in two weeks in Orlando for Lotusphere!

All of the charts in this post were created using the Google Chart API